51p Metal Connector LVDS Cable Right Side Power 2ch 8bit


  • 51p Metal Connector LVDS Cable
  • Right Side Power Cable
  • 2ch 8bit Transmission Cable
  • High-Performance Connectivity
  • Seamless Data Flow Cable
  • Cutting-Edge Metal Connector
  • Right-Side Power Compatibility
  • Enhanced Visual Experience
  • Unmatched Connectivity Solutions
  • Seamless Transmission Technology

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51p Metal Connector LVDS Cable Right Side Power 2ch 8bit

  1. 51p Metal Connector”: This refers to a connector with 51 pins (metal contacts) designed for connecting cables or electronic components.
  2. “LVDS Cable”: LVDS stands for Low Voltage Differential Signaling, which is a method used for high-speed data transmission over relatively long distances with low power consumption. So, this connector is intended for use with LVDS cables, implying it’s suitable for high-speed data transmission applications.
  3. “Right Side Power”: This indicates that the connector is configured to provide power from the right side. In electronic circuits or systems, power can be supplied from different directions or sides, and this connector is set up to deliver power from the right side.
  4. “2ch 8bit”: This refers to the configuration of the data channels. “2ch” means two channels, implying that the connector supports transmitting data signals through two separate pathways. “8bit” suggests that each channel can transmit 8 bits of data simultaneously, indicating a total data width of 16 bits (8 bits per channel multiplied by 2 channels).

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm



Type Universal LVDS CABLE
Nature 51P 2ch 8bit Right power
Performance Very Good
Quantity  1p
Condition New



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