3.15A 250V Fast Acting Fuse – Superior Protection & Durability

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  • Fast Acting fuse
  • 3.15A Fuse
  • SMPS Fuse
  • Ultimate Device Protection
  • Reliable Electrical Safeguard
  • High-Performance Fuse Solution
  • Durable Electrical Component
  • Easy Install Fast Acting Fuse
  • electrical surge protection
  • high-grade fuse material
  • universal fuse compatibility
  • durable fuse construction

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3.15A 250V Fast Acting Fuse – Superior Protection & Durability

Type AC Fuse
Voltage Rating 250VAC
Current Rating 3.15A
Blow characteristic  Fast Acting
Country of Origine  China

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable electronics, the Fast Acting Fuse 3.15A 250V is the ultimate solution. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this fuse offers unmatched protection for your devices. Its fast-acting response ensures that any electrical surge is quickly mitigated, preventing potential damage and extending the life of your equipment. Whether you are securing a home entertainment system, delicate computing hardware, or intricate industrial machinery, the Fast Acting Fuse provides peace of mind with every use.


  1. Current Rating: 3.15 Amperes
  2. Voltage Rating: 250 Volts
  3. Type: Fast-Acting (or Fast-Blow)
  4. Function: Provides overcurrent protection by melting quickly when the specified current limit is exceeded.


  • Electronic Devices: Protects sensitive electronic equipment that can be damaged by short circuits or overloads.
  • Power Supplies: Prevents damage to power supply circuits.
  • Home Appliances: Used in appliances like microwaves, TVs, and other consumer electronics.


  • Quick Response: Fast-acting fuses respond almost instantaneously to overcurrent conditions, minimizing the risk of damage to electronic components.
  • Single-Use: Once a fast-acting fuse blows, it needs to be replaced to restore circuit protection.
  • Construction: Typically made of a thin wire or metal strip enclosed in a glass or ceramic tube.

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