50W LED Flood Light Driver Waterproof High Quality 300ma

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50W LED Flood Light Driver Waterproof High-Quality 100V-150V Output

Model HN-AF4050E
Input Voltage AC180-265V
Output Voltage DC100-170V
Power 50W
Current 300mA
Condition NEW

Say goodbye to dim, lacklustre lighting! Our 50W LED Driver is your gateway to vibrant and efficient illumination. Dive into the brilliance of our LED driver, designed to transform your lighting experience.

Discover the secret to dazzling brilliance with our 50W LED Driver. With its high-quality design and exceptional engineering, this driver delivers an astonishing surge of brightness that outshines the competition. Whether it’s for your home, office, or industrial space, this driver ensures your lighting is always at its best.


  • LED driver
  • Waterproof lighting
  • High-quality illumination
  • Versatile voltage output
  • Energy-efficient driver
  • 50W LED Driver: Brilliant Lighting
  • Waterproof LED Driver: Rain or Shine
  • Versatile Voltage Output: Tailored Brightness
  • Efficient LED Lighting: Your Solution
  • Illuminate with Confidence: LED Driver

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