DC to DC Step Up Boost Converter Module 3A CA-6009

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  • DC to Dc Step-Up Module
  • DC voltage Boost Converter
  • Load 3A
  • Input Voltage 3v to 32V
  • Standard Input Voltage 3v to 32v
  • Output Voltage 5v to 32V

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  1. DC to DC Step Up Boost Converter Module 3A

This is a DC to DC mini step-up boost converter. This converter is very easy to use in electronics circuits. You just have to connect your positive and the negative terminal of the battery or DC supply to the input side of this module. And on the output side, you will get the boost voltage. To get the boost voltage you have to twist the pretension meter knob to increase and decrease the output voltage.

The maximum current capacity of this step-up module is 3A.

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Dimensions 4.3 × 2.1 × 1.2 cm


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