IRFB7545 N-channel MOSFET 60V 95A TO-220 – High Performance and Reliability

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  • Power MOSFET
  • 60V MOSFET
  • 95A MOSFET
  • Inverter MOSFET
  • Hight Performance MOSFET

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IRFB7545 N-channel MOSFET 60V 95A TO-220 – High Performance and Reliability

Type Power MOSFET
Part Number IRFB7545
Voltage Rating 60V
Current Rating 95A
Package TO-220
Nature N-Type
Applications Motor Driver, DC to DC Converter, Power Switches and Solenoid Driver
Performance Very Good


Unlock the full potential of your electronic projects with the IRFB7545 N-channel MOSFET 60V 95A TO-220. Engineered to deliver exceptional power handling and performance, this MOSFET is ideal for applications that demand high efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re working on power supplies, motor drives, or switching applications, the IRFB7545 is designed to handle high currents and voltages, ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Robust and Reliable Design

The IRFB7545 N-channel MOSFET boasts a rugged TO-220 package, providing excellent thermal performance and durability. Its low on-resistance minimizes power losses, enhancing the overall efficiency of your circuits. This MOSFET is designed to withstand demanding environments, making it a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Count on its robustness for long-lasting, reliable operation in your critical applications.

Versatile Applications

From industrial automation to consumer electronics, the IRFB7545 N-channel MOSFET is versatile enough to be integrated into a wide range of applications. Its high current capacity and voltage rating make it suitable for power tools, automotive systems, and renewable energy solutions. Enhance your designs with this high-performance MOSFET, ensuring optimal performance and reliability across various uses.

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