T56U11.23 New Universal Motherboard with Remote and Sensor


  • T56U11.24 Motherboard
  • No Software required
  • Support 14 inches to 55 inch Normal LED Panel
  • Use in LCD LED TV
  • get with Remote and Sensor
  • Panel Voltage 3.3v, 5v and 12v
  • Use for 1 CH and 2CH LVDS
  • 7 Different Type Panel Resolution Support

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T56U11.24 Universal Motherboard with Remote and

Sensor for LCD LED TV

This is a universal LCD LED TV card. You can use this card for up to a 32 inch LCD LED TV. The price of these cars is about ₹700 to ₹800 Indian rupees.

  • Actually, this card is made for all those technicians and for makers. This card help to those people who are want to do some experiment and making something using audio-video signals. I also use this board in very different ways like for repair an LCD LED TV with replacing the original board.
  1. If you want to see my video footage of how to install a universal board click here and watch.
  • This motherboard is the best for convert a monitor into a TV and makes a led tv using the LAPOP panel. I have installed this motherboard in many LCD led tv to fix the motherboard problem with very chip price.
  • To know more about this universal led tv motherboard T56U11.23 visit this site. Such an SERVICE MENU code, Resolution Code, Software download.

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